Our goal is to create an online community of lady golfers, who partner with us to create new products for us and our fellow golfers to enjoy using when out on the course.

We co-created our first product “The Gertie Brolly” with a group of ladies from our local club and we wanted to share with you the process we went through to bring this product to life.

We started asking questions about golfing products and in particular golf umbrellas and what we learned was:

Golf umbrellas are functional but…

– the handles are too big for ladies hands
– they are too heavy for many ladies
– they don’t fit into the umbrella holders on the golf trolleys
– they are mainly dark colours

We asked them to help us design a new golf umbrella for ladies, they said “YES” and our journey began…

Our FIRST Challenge – Create a new DESIGN for our umbrella

We set off to learn about designs and designers and found out that what we were looking for was a “surface designer” and after a few days searching online we found “Anneline Sophia” who created 4 designs for us and we put them to the vote.

The winning design was “Scandi Folk”

The next question was “which 4 colours do we create FIRST?”


Challenge TWO - Manufacturing an Umbrella

Having come up with a design and a set of requirements:

– lightweight golf umbrella
– bright colours and fun design
– big enough to cover golf bag and player
– handles that fit into trolley umbrella holders

We found a manufacturer helped us create this new umbrella who worked with us over the summer months to help us come up with the “The Gertie Brolly”.

The Gertie Brolly meets all the requirements asked for by our community of lady golfers and as you can see looks great on your trolley.

Challenge Three - How do we sell our umbrellas?

Now we have an umbrella in the process of being made…how do we go about selling them?

With limited resources but a bunch of enthusiasm and some knowledge about online communities and eCommerce, we decided that online would be our primary channel to sell our products and as we grow then we can extend out to supply golf pro shops and other retailers.

We want to make our site, clear and easy to use, so we have been working with a team to get us started and look forward to working with you, our customers to help us improve the website as we go along.

In order to help us explain what we are all about we found a partner, The Cullin Collective, to help us create our introductory video and would love your feedback on that too.

And then there is our online shop, where you can buy our umbrellas and hopefully as we partner with you more Golfing Gertie products and additional products from our pro shop.

Challenge Four - Creating our Community

Our goal is to create an online community of lady golfers, who help us design and create new golf products for us all to enjoy using on and around the course.

We invite you to share your golfing experiences, passions, highs, lows, views, reviews and opinions with each other and the golfing gertie team, to help us create a brand that works for you.

To help us facilitate the group we a team of community managers who will be developing the community  with your help over the coming weeks and months and invite you to

    • join our community
    • and participate in some of our projects
    • share your ideas for new projects
    • share your own golfing experiences with the community

And IMPORTANTLY give us FEEDBACK on golfing gertie, our ideas, our products and our projects and help us create a new organisation which supports your golfing life.