Golfing Gertie is a British company, founded by Julie Walker, who is based in South West London.

Julie returned to golf in 2013 and was surprised about the lack of fun and interesting products for Lady Golfers and set herself a challenge to bring her marketing and business development background and “getting things done” attitude, to learn about creating new products and launch Golfing Gertie.

Julie is passionate about companies working in partnership with their customers to understand what they are looking for in the products and services they use and to use this knowledge in creating better and more relevant products.

This is the premise that Julie uses to create the Golfing Gertie products.

Knowing that she had limited knowledge about what Lady Golfers are looking for, she asked her golfing friends to help her understand their frustrations with golf products and the first one they talked about was their golf umbrellas where they expressed their dissatisfaction in their design

  • limited choice of colours
  • designs unimaginative and not very feminine
  • handles too big
  • handles do not fit trolley umbrella holders

Armed with this knowledge Julie decided to learn about the process of creating a ladies golf umbrella and asked her golfing friends to give her feedback on her design ideas, favourite colours, umbrella lengths, weights and handle sizes.

The story of creating the Gertie Brolly is here.

Julie asked the Cullen Collective to help her create a video which highlights the idea behind the Golfing Gertie concept. If you have 1 minute do have a watch and listen to their great poem.

Julie’s is learning all the time and word about Golfing Gertie is slowly spreading across the ladies golfing world, check out our press page and our stockists to learn more.  Or subscribe to our news letter to receive our news and get involved in our new product designs or contact us with your feedback and ideas.

We look forward to working in partnership with you to create more fun and innovative accessories to compliment your golf.



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